DRILL-GUARD : the ultimate protection for your drill string and casing.



Best in class: welding operator appeal

Superior wear performance.

Hardness : 58 to 61 Rockwell “C” Scale.

Niobium, vanadium, and titanium carbides.

API® Standard 7CW Casing Wear Tests :

  • Casing Wear Factor : 0.91 x 10-10 psi-1
  • Frictional Factor : 0.33 dimensionless
  • Hardband OD Loss : 0.002 in
  • Tool Joint Weight Loss : 0.010 lbs

Historically, hardbanding wires that exhibited improved tool joint protection did not have very good compatibility with other hardbanding wires. The DRILL-GUARD series offers superior protection and includes hardbanding wires with excellent welder appeal and a high level of compatibility with competitive hardbanding products.

An inspection of the previous worn hardbands and if required the approved repair(s) prior to re-application of hardbanding is inherently part of the hardbanding process.

*Fearnley Procter NS-1™ Level 3 uses: Hardbanding and Initial Application on Tool Joints

Our Technical 'Spark' Solves Your Industrial Challenges

Founded in 1966, Welding Alloys Group is the global specialist in alloyed cored welding wires. Each of our DRILL-GUARD hardbanding wires is specifically formulated and manufactured in-house to provide superior protection to the drill string while preserving the integrity of the casing.

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